About two years ago we met up with a good, long time friend of ours, Jeff Pates, in Memphis, TN. After growing up and becoming “adults”, we hadn’t had the chance to see each other much, and we knew our time together this time around was going to be short as well. As a gift, we were given a bottle of his homemade seasoning, “Pates Family Seasoning”. It was special to us, not only because it was some of the best seasoning we have used, but because we knew he was fulfilling a passion and using a gift he had.

Jeff contacted us in September of 2014 in need of a label for an upcoming event, where he was given the opportunity to sell his spice. He did not have a logo, but had an idea of what he was aiming for. After working on several concepts, we worked together to bring his idea to life.

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